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Property Tax Loans

PropTax Relief is the best option for paying property taxes. We provide great terms and guarantee exceptional service. 

Why We're the Best


Fast Funding

Once approved, we will sign you up and pay your delinquent taxes ASAP. We promise no surprises. It's our policy to email the copies of documents prior to closing. Meaning you will be able to carefully read and understand the terms before you sign. The closing takes roughly 15 mins once our representative arrives. 


Our Difference

  • Free Quotes
  • No Credit Check
  • A+ rating on BBB
  • No Pre-payment Penalties
  • Online Access to Your Account
  • 1-10 Year Terms Available
  • Great Rates and Simple Terms
  • Se Habla Espanol


Trusted Lender

We've helped thousands of Texas property owners pay their property taxes. Our team of experienced loan officers will ensure you receive simple and affordable options. We guarantee you will receive great service.  

Most Texas tax offices charge well over 45% in fees and penalties. Our business is to restructure that tax obligation into a simple, sensible loan.

Our Information

Company License

TXOCCC #1800060935-161324

Loan Officers

Eric Covey NMLS#645974

Henry Johnson NMLS#1539170

Steven Giron NMLS#1729378

Sean Devins NMLS #1780456

Matthew Tellez NMLS#1658670

Raquel Donnell NMLS #1665251

Jhonatan Morales NMLS#1808430

How to Contact Us

Ph (877) 646-5550

Fax (210) 468-6101

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Disqualifying Factors

  • Active Bankruptcy
  • Entity not in good standing with TXSOS
  • Over 65 exemption or disability excemption on subject property (tax office has better options for you). 

Requirements to Apply

  • Applicant must be owner of record.
  • Property must be valued over $50,000 (per CAD).
  • Applicant must provide a form of  income verification (paystub or tax return). 

Partner Company

Sombrero Capital

TXOCCC # 59215

Ph (855) 434-4444