Frequently Asked Questions


What are my chances of being approved?

We approve over 95% of our callers. Call today for a free quote! 

What if I have bad credit?

Not a problem, loan approvals are not subject to an applicant’s credit score. 

Can I prepay or make extra payments?

Yes. All of our clients may prepay without penalty. You may always apply an "extra" payment to pay down the principal balance without penalty. 

What are the terms?

Everyone is unique, so the terms vary based on a variety of factors. We encourage everyone to call for a free quote. Our rates and terms are competitive. All of our loans are simple interest, fully amortizing loans. We approve over 95% of callers! Give us a call, you might be surprised with what we can offer. 

Will I lose my property if I miss a payment?

No, if you miss one payment you will not lose your property. If you fall behind, our servicing team will contact you by phone and/or mail. This is a loan that you are required to pay back. Our goal is to design an payment plan that you can afford. 

Is this a regulated business?

Yes, PropTax Relief is regulated by the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner. Should you have any questions about how we do things, we encourage you to contact the regulators directly: TXOCCC Website